Conference Prayer 2019

Our Father, by Your grace, we, the members of Couples for Christ, are gathered together as one body on this blessed three-day weekend during the 2019 CFC-USA Western Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

As we, members of CFC Las Vegas Chapter, prepare for this glorious event, we ask Your light and Your truth to take over us. May we always remember that everything that we do, we do to give glory to Your name. Unite us as one body, one spirit, one family with many parts working towards one goal, and that is to know You, to love You and one another and to serve You. Guide us, humble us, and give us the grace to press on as we go thru and move forward in planning for Your event. Help us to always find joy and delight as each day passes by; then and only then, we know we can truly claim victory. 

As joyful crowd of participants, servant leaders, service team members, speakers, sharers - men and women meet each other and celebrate Your goodness, we pray for each one participating in this conference to have an attitude of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Lord, we pray that each one will release rivers of living water, an outflowing of the anointing of Your Holy Spirit. 

Thank You, Father, for giving us the opportunity to hear, listen to, and receive the power of Your Word. May we adhere to and trust in Jesus, so that Your Word may touch every core of our being to renew, transform and sanctify us. 

Lord, we thank You for your help and guidance in finding this sacred place to be our ground of worship and fellowship. We pray that You may guard and protect this place from the enemy; and that when we pray, this place in which we are assembled will be shaken, and we shall all be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus, we thank You for always exceeding our expectations. We are truly blessed and grateful for the outpouring of love that we see among our brothers and sisters. As we heed Your voice and listen to Your call, may we all advance in rekindling our gift and in fulfilling our vision and mission as we serve You. May all that we do be done with complete surrender, so that as we march on knowing that we have everything because of You, we will all come out triumphant believing in our hearts that we truly can live as children of light. 

All praise to You, Lord our God, and to You be the glory, honor and praise forever. 
We make this prayer in Jesus Name through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and her spouse St Joseph. Amen.