CFC Youth for Christ Philosophy  

We in Couples for Christ Youth believe... 

That God is calling everyone to a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

That this call is not exclusive but shared with all sectors of society, regardless of age, color,

nationality, status, and beliefs in life. 

That the youth have a very special place in God`s heart, and that they in return have a very deep sense

of love for God, and that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is something they desire. 

That the youth have a vibrant, energetic, dynamic, and free-spirited nature. Rather than denying this nature

and force the youth into a mold that satisfies our own perception of Christianity and holiness, we accept this

nature, not curtailing it, but re-channeling, into an active expression and submission and participation to the plan of God. 

That the youth realize the need to make decisions in life; but they should also know that as they do, God should always be an inseparable part of these decisions; Knowing also that they are future leaders of the families and societies, we realize that this future depends on how they are molded today as God`s children. 

That the youth grow not only from what they receive, but more through what they are able to share with others. 

That the youth are responsible as long as they are given the appropriate amount of guidance. 

What is CFC Youth?

CFC Youth stands for Couples for Christ Youth. It is a Catholic youth ministry of Couples for Christ.

CFC Youth is a place where youth can learn about God and their faith, meet other young people like themselves, and be in a safe, energetic, fun environment. We in CFC Youth believe in the 4 F’s of Faith, Fun, Freedom, and Friendship. We believe that youth can learn about God in a new, refreshing, and exciting way.

Who can become a member of CFC Youth?

CFC Youth is open for anyone and everyone from 12 years old to their early 20s. CFC Youth is open to all backgrounds, cultures, and races.

What are the benefits of joining CFC Youth?

Meet new people and develop life-long friendships
Better understanding of oneself and relationships with others
Rediscover oneself
Learn and improve on leadership skills (public speaking, group handling)
Fun (sports, music, dance, etc.)
Gain a closer relationship with family and with God
Learn Catholic teachings, morals, and virtues 

How do you become a member of CFC Youth?

To become a CFC Youth member, there’s a fun and spirit-filled weekend retreat to attend. It usually starts on a Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon. It’s a weekend where you learn about God and your faith (in a fun, exciting way!), meet other youth from your area, engage in tons of activities such as games, worship, and hanging out, and of course you’ll be fed with lots of great food to eat!

To find out where and when the next CFC Youth camp is, please contact the CFC USA Head Office for your local contact information.

CFC Youth Las Vegas

REGISTER FOR THE YOUTH CAMP (August 31 - Sept. 2, 2018)